This Saturday Samantha’s Cafe & Catering and Finder’s Keepers is having a fashion show (check it out, you should go, I’ll be there with baby Imogen), so last week we used a few dresses from Finder’s Keepers and called make up and hair artist extraordinaire  Kyle Anne Garcia and made a day of it photographing my dear friend Sara in our studio (can we please talk about the fact that she turned 40 a few weeks ago!?) In our previous careers, Sara was my boss at a fine art museum. We were the education department and I dearly miss working with her. Thanks for spending the day with us Sara!

We shoot digital (Nikon) mostly, but pull out old film cameras on occasion. Last week it was our 1950’s era Rolleiflex. We send our medium format film to Richard Photo Lab in California. Today we received the scans online and we’ll have the prints in hand next week. There’s really nothing like holding the negatives and prints. It’s such a different experience from viewing images on a computer.

We’re still working on editing the digital photographs from that shoot, but we wanted to share a few behind-the-scenes photos from the Rollei in the meantime.